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    We need wisdom, we need power
    And true love for each other;
    We have had so many big but empty words.
    So we come before your face,
    Asking for your grace:
    Bring your people to a state of kingdom light
    Restore your bride again.

    Touch your people once again
    With your precious holy hand, I pray;
    Let your kingdom shine upon this earth,
    Through a wondrous glorious bride.
    Not for temporary deeds,
    But to restore authority and power;
    Let a rushing mighty wind blow,
    Touch your people once again.

    Lord you see the tired servants,
    And the broken wounded soldiers;
    Oh, how much we need your precious holy hand.
    We need the power of the cross
    As the only source for us;
    When we stand up facing final battle cry:
    Restore your bride again.

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