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Song # 21493

when mothers of salem

when mothers of salem their children brought to jesus,
the stern disciples drove them back and bade them to depart:
but jesus saw them ere they fled and sweetly smiled and kindly said,
“suffer little children to come unto me.”

“for i will receive them and fold them to my bosom:
i’ll be a shepherd to these lambs, o drive them not away;
for if their hearts to me they give, they shall with me in glory live:
suffer little children to come unto me.”

how kind was our savior to bid these children welcome!
but there are many thousands who have never heard his name;
the bible they have never read, they know not that the savior said,
“suffer little children to come unto me.”

o soon may the heathen of every tribe and nation
fulfill thy blessèd word and cast their idols all away!
o shine upon them from above and show thyself a god of love,
teach the little children to come unto thee!

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