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Song # 21612

loved one farewell

birds are rejoicing,
o’er hill and dell;
hushed is thy voicing,
sweeter that fell.
friend of our happy days,
brother of prayer and praise,
thine own sweet music says,
loved one, farewell!

thou hast ascended,
where angels dwell;
where, earth songs ended,
heav’n’s anthems swell.
safe, all the saints among,
blest with the praising throng,
singing the new made songs,
loved one, farewell!

salvation’s story
then thou wilt tell;
triumphs of glory,
thy voice shall swell.
rest thou, oh, friend so dear,
thy precious savior near,
where god shall wipe each tear,
loved one, farewell!

safe from thee turning,
grief’s tones will knell;
hard, hard the learning,
god doeth well!
till, be it soon or late,
up, at the pearly gate,
we meet, oh watch and wait,
loved one, farewell!

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