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  • Magic mirror don t let me walk- Lyrics in ENGLISH

    Magic mirror don t let me walk
    away without seeing who I am
    Magic mirror don t let me see
    who I am and only walk away

    I must have walked by you a
    thousand times before
    I never noticed you were
    hanging on my door
    But then you caught my eye
    and let me see myself
    My legs were running with my
    shoes nailed to the shelf

    When I saw you hanging there
    I had to stop and stare
    Cause every time I see a
    little more of me

    Sometimes I don t know who s
    been looking back at me
    If I d look closer I know
    I would always see
    Won t you reflect your light on me
    and I ll reflect on you
    Let me really see just how
    I look to you

    [Bridge ]
    When I act too tall you bring
    me down to size
    And when I feel too small you show
    me all the lies I try to tell myself
    How can I thank you for all you ve
    done for me

    And now I m watching and I see
    me grow in you
    I know that I ve got so much
    growing left to do
    Please keep me in your light from
    morning until night
    Until I finally come into the
    image of the Son

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