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  • Somebody said you better
    let go
    Cause they said so
    But I could never let
    this thing go
    Don t they even know
    what that means
    They call me obscene
    Say I wear my faith on
    my sleeve
    But I ain t here to seek
    no glory
    End of story I know the
    judge and the jury
    People always gotta ask who
    what when and why
    But never wanna step
    to the light
    So I hear you say you wanna
    come and get some
    Should I mention I got
    your attention
    Know that I m a man on a
    mission my position is
    Been on a roll for two
    thousand years or so
    We ve got momentum baby
    Livin on the edge of
    They call me raucous
    I m a freak I can t stop this
    Ardently enthused about God
    No hand me down nod
    Your gonna get all I got
    High steppin from the
    twenty on in
    Knees to my chin
    I m rollin deep in momentum
    Burnin with the hard core flame
    No shame in this game
    I m followin my heart not my brain
    Been on a roll
    Cause we got souls that
    won t die
    And this party ain t over
    til we take flight
    You ve been told that we
    come bold on this side
    You ain t never known the
    dilly til we testify
    Cause have you ever heard of
    turnin water into wine
    And have you ever heard of givin
    sight back to the blind
    It s undeniable we re droppin
    the Truth on this track
    Cause once you start an avalanche
    there ain t no turnin back

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