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  • 1 O come all ye faithful
    Joyful and triumphant
    Come ye O come ye To Bethlehem
    Come and behold Him Born the King of angels

    O come let us adore Him
    O come let us adore Him
    O come let us adore Him
    Christ the Lord

    2 True God of true God
    Light from Light Eternal
    Lo he shuns not
    The Virgin�s womb
    Son of the Father
    Begotten not created

    3 Sing choirs of angels
    Sing in exultation
    Sing all ye citizens
    Of heaven above
    Glory to God
    All glory in the highest

    4 See how the shepherds
    Summoned to His cradle
    Leaving their flocks
    Draw nigh to gaze
    We too will thither
    Bend our joyful footsteps
    5 Child for us sinners
    Poor and in the manger
    We would embrace Thee
    With love and awe
    Who would not love Thee
    Loving us so dearly
    6 Yea Lord we greet Thee
    Born this happy morning
    Jesus to Thee
    Be glory given
    Word of the Father
    Now in flesh appearing

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