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  • Pull all your hair up
    Dab on the make up
    Tryin hard to look so pristine
    Like a face in a magazine
    Those fancy dressers
    And media pressure
    Got you feeling so plain and small
    If you don t look like a paper doll

    In a world where the goal is
    To be like the Joneses
    It s guaranteed to drive you wild
    Keeping up with the latest style
    Gaze in the miror
    You want the glamour
    And the grace of a movie star
    But I like you the way you are
    You are the only one I m dreamin of
    Cause baby don t you know that I Love

    [Chorus ]
    You Girl
    You don t have to be picture perfect
    To be in my world
    You don t have to be picture perfect
    To fit the frame

    You re tender you re tactful
    Girl you re a natural
    You possess a heart that s true
    That s what I like about you
    One in a million
    Yeah that s a given
    There s a beauty inside of you
    And it shows on the outside too
    No competition you re way in the lead
    And baby don t you know that I need


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