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Song # 20843

hark hark the notes of joy

hark! hark! the notes of joy
roll o’er the heavenly plains,
and seraphs find employ
for their sublimest strains;
some new delight in heaven is known,
loud sound the harps around the throne.

hark! hark! the sounds draw nigh,
the joyful hosts descend;
jesus forsakes the sky,
to earth his footsteps bend;
he comes to bless our fallen race;
he comes with messages of grace.

bear, bear the tidings round;
let every mortal know
what love in god is found,
what pity he can show;
ye winds that blow! ye waves that roll!
bear the glad news from pole to pole.

strike, strike the harps again,
to great immanuel’s name;
arise, ye sons of men!
and all his grace proclaim;
angels and men! wake every string
’tis god the savior’s praise we sing.

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