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Song # 21018

jerusalem jerusalem

jerusalem, jerusalem,
thou city ever blest,
within thy portals first i find
my safety, peace and rest.
here dangers always threaten me,
my days in strife are spent,
and labor, sorrow, worry, grief,
i find at best their strength.

no wonder, then, that i do long
o blessèd home, for thee,
where i shall find a resting place,
from sin and sorrow free;
where tears and weeping are no more,
nor death, nor pain, nor night,
for former things are passed way,
and darkness turned to light.

now all for me has lost its charm
which by the world is praised,
since on the cross, through faith, i saw
my savior jesus raised;
my goal is fixed, one thing i ask,
whate’er the cost may be,
jerusalem, jerusalem,
soon to arrive in thee.

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