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Song # 21038

in the morning i will raise

in the morning i will raise
to my god the voice of praise;
with his kind protection blest,
sweet and deep has been my rest.

in the morning i will pray
for his blessing on the day;
what this day shall be my lot,
light or darkness, i know not.

should it be with clouds o’ercast,
clouds of sorrow gathering fast,
thou, who givest light divine,
shine with me, lord, o shine.

show me, if i tempted be,
how to find all strength in thee,
and a perfect triumph win
over every bosom sin.

keep my feet from secret snares,
keep my eyes, o god, from tears,
every step thy grace attend,
and my soul from death defend.

then when fall the shades of night,
all within shall still be light;
thou wilt peace around diffuse,
gently as the evening dews.

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