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Song # 21048

in a manger laid so lowly

in a manger laid so lowly,
came the prince of peace to earth;
while a choir of angels holy
sang to celebrate his birth.
“glory in the highest,”
sang the glad angelic strain:


“glory in the highest,”
“peace on earth, good will to men,”
“peace on earth, good will to men.”

as the wise men from far persia
brought rich gifts to jewry’s king,
grateful love, a richer treasure,
would we as our offering bring.
“glory in the highest,”
let us join th’angelic strain;


where christ’s joyful kingdom cometh,
deserts blossom as the rose;
and god’s gracious rain descendeth,
where the coral island grows.
“glory in the highest,”
once more sing th’angelic strain:


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