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Song # 21051

immanuel we sing thy praise

immanuel, we sing thy praise;
thou prince of life, thou fount of grace,
with all thy saints, thee, lord, we sing;
praise, honor, thanks, to thee we bring.

e’er since the world began to be,
how many a heart hath longed for thee!
and thou, o long expected guest,
hast come at last to make us blest!

now art thou here: we know thee now:
in lowly manger liest thou:
a child, yet makest all things great;
poor, yet the earth thy robe of state.

now fearlessly i come to thee:
from sin and grief o set me free!
turn wrath away, dread death destroy,
and turn my sorrow into joy.

thou art my head, my lord divine:
i am thy member, wholly thine;
and by thy spirit’s gracious power
will seek to serve thee evermore.

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