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Song # 21071

christ enthroned in highest heaven

christ, enthroned in highest heaven,
hear us crying from the deep,
for the faithful ones departed,
for the souls of all that sleep;
as thy kneeling church entreateth,
hearken, shepherd of the sheep.

king of glory, hear our voices,
grant thy faithful rest, we pray;
we have sinned, and may not bide it,
if thou mark our steps astray;
yet we plead the saving victim,
which for them we bring today.

that which thou thyself hast offered
to thy father, offer we;
let it win for them a blessing,
bless them, jesu, set them free;
they are thine, they wait in patience;
merciful and gracious be.

they are thine, o take them quickly,
thou their hope, o raise them high;
ever hoping, ever trusting,
unto thee they strive and cry;
day and night, both morn and even,
be, o christ, their guardian nigh.

let thy plenteous loving-kindness,
on them, as we pray, be poured;
let them through thy boundless mercy,
from all evil be restored;
hearken to the voices pleading
of thy church, o gracious lord.

hear and answer prayers devoutest,
break, o lord, each binding chain,
dash the gates of death asunder,
quell the devil and his train;
bring the souls which thou hast ransomed
evermore in joy to reign.

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