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Song # 21162

advent tells us christ is near

advent tells us, christ is near:
christmas tells us christ is here!
in epiphany we trace
all the glory of his grace.

those three sundays before lent
will prepare us to repent;
that in lent we may begin
earnestly to mourn for sin.

holy week and easter, then,
tell who died and rose again;
o that happy easter day!
“christ is risen indeed,” we say.

yes, and christ ascended, too,
to prepare a place for you;
so we give him special praise,
after those great forty days.

then, he sent the holy ghost,
on the day of pentecost,
with us ever to abide:
well may we keep whitsuntide!

last of all, we humbly sing
glory to our god and king,
glory to the one in three,
on the feast of trinity.

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