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Song # 21277

come ye saints look here and wonder

come, ye saints, look here and wonder
see the place where jesus lay:
he has burst his bands asunder;
he has borne our sins away;
joyful tidings, joyful tidings,
yes, the lord has ris’n today,
yes, the lord has ris’n today!

jesus triumphs! sing ye praises
by his death he overcame;
thus the lord his glory raises,
thus he fills his foes with shame;
sing ye praises, sing ye praises,
praises to the victor’s name,
praises to the victor’s name!

jesus triumphs! countless legions
come from heav’n to meet their king;
soon, in yonder blessèd regions,
they shall join his praise to sing:
songs eternal, songs eternal,
shall through heav’n’s high arches ring,
shall through heav’n’s high arches ring!

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