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Song # 21303

thou that art so fair and bright

thou that art so fair and bright,
velut maris stella,
brighter than the day is light,
parens et puélla,
i cry to thee, look thou on me,
lady, pray thy son for me,
tampia, so that i might come to thee, maría.

all this world was so forlorn
eva peccatrice,
till our lord was in it born,
de te genetríce;
with ave, sorrow went away,
darkest night to brightest day,
salútis, from thee came the saving ray, virtútis.

lady, flow'r of ev'rything,
rosa sine spina,
gave us jesus, heaven's king,
grátia divina;
of ev'ryone thou bear'st the prize,
lady, queen of paradise,
elécta, maiden mild and mother wise, es effécta.

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