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Song # 21346

servant of god well done

servant of god, well done!
thy glorious warfare’s past;
the battle’s fought, the race is won,
and thou art crowned at last.

of all thy heart’s desire
triumphantly possessed;
lodged by the ministerial choir
in thy redeemer’s breast.

in condescending love,
thy ceaseless prayer he heard;
and bade thee suddenly remove
to thy complete reward.

ready to bring the peace,
thy beauteous feet were shod,
when mercy signed thy soul’s release,
and caught thee up to god.

with saints enthroned on high,
thou dost thy lord proclaim,
and still to god salvation cry,
salvation to the lamb!

o happy, happy soul!
in ecstasies of praise,
long as eternal ages roll,
thou seest thy savior’s face.

redeemed from earth and pain,
ah! when shall we ascend,
and all in jesus’ presence reign
with our translated friend?

come, lord, and quickly come!
and, when in thee complete,
receive thy longing servants home,
to triumph at thy feet.

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