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Song # 21383

son of man from jordan rose

the son of man from jordan rose,
and prayed to god above;
when lo, the opening heav’ns disclose
a swift descending dove.

the spirit, lighting on his brow,
anoints the holy one;
the father’s voice declaring, “thou
art my belovèd son.”

so when, through his baptizing blessed
the font new birth conveys,
man kneels a son of god confessed,
heav’n opens as he prays.

fair innocency, like the dove’s,
invests him, purged from sin;
for god the brooding spirit moves,
directs and rules within.

o christ, whose mercy cleansed our stain
with streams of grace divine,
let us not soil the robes again
made white in blood of thine.

redeemer of a world undone,
we praise thee and adore,
jesu, with god the father one,
and spirit evermore.

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