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Song # 21403

wonder of the story

o the wonder of the story
of the night so long ago,
in the glimmer of the starlight
and the whiteness of the snow,
when the little prince of judah
in his beauty came to birth,
while the angels sang his glory
and his sweetness filled the earth!

o the wonder of the story,
of the gladness none can tell,
when the shepherds saw the rising
of the star of israel,
and a light from out the manger,
reaching far and waxing strong
till it touched the darkened shadows
and the world was wrapped in song!

o the wonder of the story,
of the tender joy supreme!
o the mystery of loving
and the sweetness of the dream!
for the little head was pillowed
on a mother’s loving breast,
and the father’s little children
they shall find the perfect rest!

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