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Song # 21410

winged herald of the day

the wingèd herald of the day
proclaims the morn’s approaching ray:
and christ the lord our souls excites,
and so to endless life invites.

take up thy bed, to each he cries,
who sick or wrapped in slumber lies;
and chaste and just and sober stand
and watch: my coming is at hand.

with earnest cry, with tearful care,
call we the lord to hear our prayer;
while supplication, pure and deep,
forbids each chastened heart to sleep.

do thou, o christ, our slumber wake:
do thou the chains of darkness break;
purge thou our former sins away,
and in our souls new light display.

all laud to god the father be,
all praise, eternal son, to thee;
all glory, as is ever meet,
to god the holy paraclete.

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