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Song # 21496

when i awake from slumber

when i awake from slumber
to greet the golden day,
then teach me, lord, to number
its hours in wisdom’s way.

when clouds at dawn are gleaming,
lift up mine answering eyes
to where thy light is streaming
on faith’s high enterprise.

while all the heights are calling
and skies are blithe and blue,
keep thou my feet from falling,
my heart’s ambitions true.

let simple pleasures cheer me
when every goal seems far;
reveal thyself as near me
as life and duty are.

and when the light is fading,
if dreams have not come true,
yet breathe thy peace pervading
the twilight through and through.

when life’s long day is ended
and shadows closer creep,
lord, let me feel befriended
before i go to sleep.

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