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Song # 21498

when god of old came down from heaven

when god of old came down from heaven,
in power and wrath he came;
before his feet the clouds were riven,
half darkness and half flame:

but when he came the second time,
he came in power and love;
softer than gale at morning prime
hovered his holy dove.

the fires, that rushed on sinai down
in sudden torrents dread,
now gently light, a glorious crown,
on every sainted head.

and as on israel's awestruck ear
the voice exceeding loud,
the trump that angels quake to hear,
thrilled from the deep, dark cloud;

so, when the spirit of our god
came down his flock to find,
a voice from heaven was heard abroad,
a rushing, mighty wind.

it fills the church of god; it fills
the sinful world around;
only in stubborn hearts and wills
no place for it is found.

come lord, come wisdom, love and power,
open our ears to hear;
let us not miss the accepted hour;
save, lord, by love or fear.

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