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Song # 21564

o father thou who hast created all

o father, thou who hast created all
in wisest love, we pray,
look on this babe, who at thy gracious call
is entering on life’s way;
bend o’er him in thy tenderness,
thine image on his soul impress;
o father, hear!

o son of god, who diedst for us, behold,
we bring our child to thee;
thou tender shepherd, take him to thy fold,
thine own for aye to be;
defend him through this earthly strife,
and lead him on the path of life,
o son of god!

o holy ghost, who broodest o’er the wave,
descend upon this child;
give him undying life, his spirit lave
with waters undefiled;
grant him, while yet a babe, to be
a child of god, a home for thee,
o holy ghost!

o triune god, what thou command’st is done;
we speak, but thine the might;
this child hath scarce yet seen our earthly sun,
yet pour on him thy light,
in faith and hope, in joy and love,
thou sun of all below, above,
o triune god!

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