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Song # 21620

lord of life is risen

the lord of life is risen;
sing, easter heralds, sing!
he bursts his rocky prison;
wide let the triumph ring!
in death no longer lying,
he rose, the prince, today;
life of the dead and dying,
he triumphed o’er decay.

the lord of life is risen,
and love no longer grieves;
in ruin lies death’s prison,
sing, heralds, jesus lives!
we hear the blessèd greeting;
salvation’s work is done!
we worship thee, repeating,
“life for the dead is won!”

around thy tomb, o jesus,
how sweet the easter breath;
hear we not in the breezes,
“where is thy sting, o death?”
dark hell flies in commotion,
the heavens their anthems sing;
while far o’er earth and ocean
glad hallelujahs ring!

o publish this salvation,
ye heralds, through the earth,
to every buried nation
proclaim the day of birth!
till, rising from their slumbers,
in long and ancient night
the countless heathen numbers
shall hail the easter light.

hail, hail, our jesus risen!
sing, ransomed brethren, sing!
through death’s dark, gloomy prison
let easter chorals ring!
haste, haste, ye captive legions,
accept your glad reprieve;
come forth from sin’s dark regions;
in jesus’ kingdom live!

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