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quiet lord my froward heart

quiet, lord, my froward heart,
make me teachable and mild,
upright, simple, free from art,
make me as a weanèd child:
from distrust and envy free,
pleased with all that pleases thee.

what thou shalt today provide,
let me as a child receive;
what tomorrow may betide,
calmly to thy wisdom leave:
’tis enough that thou wilt care,
why should i the burden bear?

as a little child relies
on a care beyond his own;
knows he’s neither strong nor wise,
fears to stir a step alone:
let me thus with thee abide,
as my father, guard, and guide.

thus preserved from satan’s wiles,
safe from dangers, free from fears;
may i live upon thy smiles,
till the promised hour appears;
when the sons of god shall prove
all their father’s boundless love.

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