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Song # 21686

quiet hour

communion with my father,
in calm and quiet hour,
is sweet and rich in blessings,
and spirit’s gracious power;
he speaks in tones so gentle,
he hears my humblest prayer,
in secret of his presence
i feel my father’s care.


o father, spirit, savior,
fill us with thine own power;
o, lead thy loving children
to seek the quiet hour.

when storms are fierce about me,
and sorrow’s billows roll,
i hear the master gently
speak peace unto my soul;
when heart is sore with anguish,
and eyes are dim with tears,
a quiet hour with jesus
will banish pain and fears.


oh, leave life’s noise and turmoil,
and seek the quiet hour,
that he who sees in secret
may give thee spirit-power;
there find your strength in weakness,
and gird your armor on,
then forth to life’s great conflict
till victory is won.


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