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o thou who in jordan

o thou who in jordan didst bow thy meek head,
and, ’whelmed in our sorrow, didst sink to the dead,
then rose from the darkness to glory above,
and claimed for thy chosen the kingdom of love.

thy footsteps we follow, to bow in the tide,
and are buried with thee in the death thou hast died;
then wake in thy likeness to walk in the way
that brightens and brightens to shadowless day.

o jesus, our savior, o jesus, our lord,
by the life of thy passion, the grace of thy word,
accept us, redeem us, dwell ever within,
to keep, by thy spirit, our spirits from sin.

till, crowned with thy glory, and waving the palm,
our garments all white from the blood of the lamb,
we join the bright millions of saints gone before,
to bless thee, and wonder, and praise evermore.

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