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Song # 22681

never walk alone

verse 1:
your heart is for me
your ear is listening
i’m safe in your love
your army of angels
watch over me
verse 2:
you’re always present
you’re always with me
for all of my life
your favour has followed
you’re my covering
i have never walked alone
i’ve never been abandoned
you are my inheritance
you are my strength and shield
and i have confidence
you go before me
you’re my deliverer
i know i never walk alone
verse 3:
you’re always faithful
you’re strong and able
i’m lifting my head
in you i find help
you’re my providence
every hour
every minute
you have always been there
you are faithful
and you always will be
in every triumph
every failure
you are loyal to me
you are faithful
and you always will be

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