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Song # 24817

brave moriah

no one ever told me this would be easy
but i never knew that it could be this hard
oh the worry the worry the worry
is weighing on me
could you help me break down
all these question marks
and make me
(brave) i’ll fight like a soldier
(brave) rise like a warrior
(brave) won’t stop till the final day
(brave) i want to be stronger
(brave) gonna be bolder
(brave) look up and i see the way
you make me brave
i know i know i’m no superwoman
but impossible is possible with you
so no, no, no more running, no more hiding
strike the fire so i’ll be fearless too
none go with me
still i’ll follow
through the joy
and through the sorrow
cross before me
world behind me
there’s no turning back

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