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Song # 24838

secret place waiting spontaneous i remember the beginning

verse 1:
i remember the beginning
when i found the secret place
don’t know why it felt familiar
but i knew it right away
there were times it seemed so simple
and sometimes so unsure
but not a moment was ever wasted
knelt behind those closed doors
verse 2:
‘cause the secret place is secret
that’s where it gets its name
it’s not hiding but it’s hidden
far from all religious games
no it won’t bring recognition
or get called up on a stage
‘cause the melody is sacred
you sing in the secret place
verse 3:
it’s an open invitation
no words you have to say
if you want it you can get there
there’s a thousand different ways
there’s no glory in the method
none are right and none are wrong
you just put your trust in jesus
and then start to sing along
verse 4:
‘cause just as you are you’re welcome
there’s no part you have to play
doesn’t need to be impressive
couldn’t do that anyway
‘cause when it gets too complicated
that melody will fade
but if you take the time to listen
you can hear heaven’s refrain
verse 5:
there’ll be days that it feels distant
so far beyond my reach
like my failures locked the entrance
and my spirit lost the keys
but the beauty of the secret
that i’m so grateful for
is that your presence doesn’t need me
to kick down an open door
verse 6:
so i’m running to the secret
i’m going there today
got no reason not to worship
and get undignified again
there’s no time for inhibitions
or to care what people say
i won’t waste another minute
take me to the secret place

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