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Song # 27742

he who is to come

there is a day coming
when the old will pass away
every wrong will be made right
no darkness, no night
the son will light the way
there is a king coming
the one who conquered death and grave
no more pain and no more sorrow
this hope for tomorrow
is our hope for today
he who was
he who is
he who was
he who is
he who is to come
christ the son of man
riding on the clouds with a crown upon his head
every eye will see him
with the nail scars in his hands
there’s only one worthy
of all glory and all praise
all wealth and all honor
speak wisdom and power to the lamb that was slain
he is surely coming
oh can you feel it too?
all this tension growing stronger
it’s just a sign he’s getting closer
jesus is already on the move
the story has been written
we all know how it ends
my future has an anchor
my eyes are on the savior
he’s coming back again
come, lord jesus, come

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