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    Chords: Ab

    God’s attributes were manifested
    To His Bride in this last age.
    We have caught the revelation
    By the last prophet’s message.
    And we know who we are
    And what we are raised up for,
    Praise the Lord, for the Original Life.

    The Original Life, the Original Seed
    The Original Word is what I believe.
    The Son of Man is revealed
    The seventh seal is unveiled
    The Original Life, the Original Seed.

    We are the Word made flesh today
    This is what the Scriptures say.
    And our names are seen within,
    Redeemed and perfect without sin.
    Yes, we are anointed and inspired
    By our God, Who’s the Original Life.

    Our eyes of understanding
    He has opened up at last.
    And sweet victory is ours
    Who were chained down in the past.
    True Jubilee has sounded
    And we have responded
    To our God, Who’s the Original Life.

    We are called unto adoption
    Full authority and power.
    Sleeping saints will wake and join us
    For translation in this hour.
    Gentiles’ days soon will be over
    Glory, hallelujah!
    To our God, Who’s the Original Life.

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