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    Chords: Ab

    We are heirs of the Father
    We are joint-heirs with the Son.
    We are people of His Kingdom
    We are family, we are one.

    We are washed,
    We are sanctified.
    We are cleansed by His blood.
    We are born of the Spirit
    We are children of the Lord.

    We are members of His body.
    We are objects of His love.
    We’re partakers of His holiness
    We are citizens of heaven above.

    We’re partakers of His suffering;
    We’re partakers of His grace.
    We shall meet Him to be like Him
    We shall see Him face to face.

    We are longing for His coming
    We are looking to the skies;
    We are watching, we are waiting,
    We shall dwell with Him, we shall rise.

    We shall reign with Him forever;
    Men and angels shout and sing.
    For dominion has been given
    To the family of the King.

    Language:ENGLISH | Album:Beleivers Song Book | 2742 | Write Comment
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