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  • What is project lyrics?
  • Project Lyrics is a collection of christian Lyrics which can be searched easily on internet and can be read in your language with following features

    1. Here you can search christian lyrics and share or remmember the lyrics page by song no.
    2. Read any song lyrics in 9 indian languages i.e read telugu song in tamil language
    3. Read indian christian song lyrics in english
    4. Download christian music mp3 with lyrics
    5. Watch Christian songs video along with lyrics
    6. Get Christian songs lyrical chords
    7. Contribute to this project by just signing up

    Tips: To avoid ambiguity in english script of indian languages use letters which will be definetly in the word with spaces for ex: to search 'ABBA Father' this can also be written as 'aba father' so use 'a ba father' since abba starts with a and ends with ba
    Similarly Hai and hi speaks same so use h i (h and i will be defnetly avaialable in the word)
    neeve or nive speaks same use n ve
    ghar or gar speaks same so use g r
    tho use t o ,
    Please share this website with your friends to encourage spiritual growth

  • How to search?
  • Type minimum of 3 letters of your song in english in the search box. select your song in the list displayed

  • How to view in my language?
  • Just after selecting your song lyric click on your desired language at the bottom to see the lyric in your language

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